$10,000 Blood Money (1966)

10.000 dollari per un massacro

poster for 10000 Blood Money

Today, we have for you $10,000 Blood Money, released in 1966 and directed by Romolo Guerrieri. This one stars future 'Sartana' star Gianni Garko (under the alias "Gary Hudson") as, a bounty hunter named (what else?) Django. Word is this was one of the first of a few billion unauthorized Django sequels.

Gianni Garko

Gianni Garko kicks it back as yet another Italian cowboy named Django.

In this run-of the mill bounty hunter plot, Garko goes after a bandito named Manuel (Claudio Camaso), who kidnaps a rich land baron’s daughter. He initially holds off, but when Manuel’s bounty goes up to $10,000, he finally gives in, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend. Django proceeds to have his revenge and collect his bounty. That’s about it.

Claudio Camaso

Since when did banditos wear mascara? Must be an Italian thing…

The cast also has Fernando Sancho doing his fat, gross bandito thing he always does and Loredano Nusciak as Django’s gal (who, coincidentally also played Django’s gal in the Corbucci original). Other than some great mountain scenery in the beginning, there’s nothing that really makes this one stand out at all. It’s a pretty generic genre picture, ably acted and shot, but nothing really interesting. Garko was much better as Sartana. Not horrible, but kinda boring.

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